What is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a combination of mineral and natural pigments coated with an ISO NPG polyester resin. The result of it is a natural effect and lasting acrylic stone. It is a non-porous material that resists to normal wear, normal heat and ordinary stains.

How can I manage a customised project?

VASKEO will check the possibilities to adapt the dimensions, the number and the positioning of the bowls. Some options can be added as well. Please send us your request with all the information you can forward. We will analyse your project and get back to you with a quote that meets your expectations.


Cleaning advices


Ordinary dirt:

Clean with a damp duster, a sponge or a soft detergent. For matt surfaces, you can even use a regular abrasive.

Important stains:

Important stains can be removed with a whitening agent (do not leave more than 5 minutes). Then, use your everyday cleanser and rinse with clear water. You can even use a regular abrasive for matt surfaces. Nail varnish can be easily removed with an acetone free solvent or an abrasive detergent.

Detergents with acid:

Do not use detergents that contain acid like methyl chloride or acetone for example. If such detergents would accidentally be spilled on your solid surface washbasin, rinse thoroughly with soapy water to avoid the surface to blanch.


Yellowing :

Our Solid Surface resin is made in France and subject to European standards. Unlike other solid surface materials that are made abroad, our resin goes through a UV absorber treatment and does not turn yellow.

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